• SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION - interpretation in booths is often done during conferences, meetings and training courses for a large number of participants. It is done by 2 interpreters who replace one another every thirty minutes. The interpretation is done at the same time when a person is speaking, without interruptig them. In order to properly perform this kind of service, appropriate equipment and technician service are necessary.
  • CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION - the interpretation is done when the speaker pauses. Interpreters who perform such a translation use often special notation system. This kind of interpretation is used during meetings which do not require simultaneous interpretations. However, this method extends the duration of the meeting.
  • CHUCHOTAGE - is an interpretation for one listener when the situation requires ongoing reporting the events and statements during a supervisory board meeting or sales calls.
  • INTERPRETING ASSISTANCE - it is a constant presence of the interpreter during the travel or meeting with foreign contracting partners and interpreting whenever there is a such need.
  • SWORN INTERPRETATION - it is used wherever the law provisions require the presence of the sworn interpreter, for instance in court, during signing a notary deed with a person who does not speak Polish, in the Registry Office, and during signing contracts with foreign counterparties in order to guarantee the correctness of interpretation. The presence of a sworn interpreter is then recorded in appropriate documentation.

Interpreting services are settled on the basis of hourly rate, in our case: 1h, 4h, 8h or 1 day.


In response to the market demand for audiovisual services, TRADO Translation Agency offers recording dialogues for commercials, multimedia presentations and movies with the voice of the reader in any language, including Polish and foreign languages. We recommend to use the possibility of voice recording to people who prepare audio versions of scientific and educational materials.

Movies translator must demonstrate extensive knowledge, experience and diligence to guarantee that the translated version of the movie meets the requirements of viewers. A particular challenge for movie translators are training or documentary films on particular fields of science. Our Agency assures that in the case of recordings in a foreign language we use services of a broad group of readers which includes native speakers who ensure an excellent quality of translated recordings.

We offer you three kinds of audiovisual translations:

  • voice-over - involves translating the dialogue list by the translator-reader. Recordings are made in a professional sound studio,
  • subtitling - involves conveying information with the use of subtitles in the target language,
  • dubbing - involves creating movie dialogues by replacing the original dialogues with those in the target language,

We translate either provided film subtitles or heard dialogues. We translate all combinations of languages - not only from Polish to the foreign language. If you need to translate subtitles from English into Chinese, we can provide you with such a service which will be performed by translators of those languages.

Translation of a text which is going to be used in a multimedia presentation, feature or documentary movie is a process where the translator prepares the text which will be correctly and properly received. We can assure you that we use services of translators who have expert knowledge in the field to verify the translated text.

An important aspect is also the fact that we assure the confidentiality of data in the translations we have been entrusted with and we take care of the security of the orders entrusted to us. TRADO Translation Agency carefully archives the documents entrusted to us and guarantees appropriate confidentiality of the data contained therein.

We are pleased to offer our services in the field of audiovisual translation. We assure you that we approach each project individually, and a group of our professional employees will choose the right reader for your advertisement or film, and will take care of an interesting language adaptation of the translations entrusted to us, in order to cater to recipients' tastes in the country or abroad.

TRADO Translation Agency provides its services throughout Poland and abroad.

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