Written Translations

We provide the following translation services:

  • STANDARD, that is not requiring the services of a certified sworn translator. They are usually settled on the basis of a 1500 characters settlement page.
  • SWORN, i.e. those that require a certified sworn translator. They are usually settled on the basis of an 1125 characters page.
  • AUTHENTICATION, i.e. verification and certification provided by a sworn translator. Settled as sworn translations.
  • VERIFICATION, or checking the already translated text in terms of consistency with the source text, the terminology used, style and spelling. Settled as an ordinary translation but based on a 50% rate of translation rate.
  • LOCALIZATION, or translation that includes relevant cultural aspects and a language register appropriate for a given type of text, e.g. advertising slogans. Settled according to individual pricing.

A good sworn translator in Łódź? You will find them in our agency. We work with translators of many languages, including English. Our sworn translators/interpreters perform both translations and interpretations.

A sworn translator is a profession of public trust. They deal mainly with procedural and official documents as well as authentication of foreign-language copies of such documents. Our sworn translators execute orders in Łódź and other Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw etc.

Standard written translation

We do translations without the authentication of a sworn translator in many areas, such as technical and medical translations, as well as texts on accounting, tax, tenders, law, pharmacology and cosmetology.

We obtained references in each of these areas. Written translations are settled on the basis of a 1500-page accounting page with spaces.

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