Language Trainings

We organize thematic language training courses for individuals, groups and companies.


  • EXPERIENCE - 20 years of experience in translation guarantees the choice of teachers and performance of trainings which meet Requirements of Customers from different branches
  • YOUR BUSSINES IS OUR GOAL - we adjust topics of our training courses to the Customer's needs and goals
  • CONSTANT METHODICAL CONTROL - our teaching consultants supervise not only the development of teaching materials, but also the work of teachers.
  • CONSTANT PERFORMANCE SUPERVISION - we constantly monitor the progress of our students
  • CURRENT REPORTS OF RESULTS - we prepare current presence and progress reports of our students

Our training courses involve:

  • Individual training courses for managerial staff and students with particular language needs (separate for lawyers, physicians or any other professional groups)
  • Group training courses for the maximum of 6 people with similar language competences

All courses include the following phases:

  • Language audit - an analysis of language competences
  • Developing an individual program according to language needs in particular business
  • Constant monitoring of progress
  • Evaluation of competence after the completed course with indication of strong and weak points of an individual student

We ensure:

  • Courses targeted at business terminology including specialized language register of a particular company
  • Monitoring the course in terms of methodics
  • Progress report from obtaining new language skills
  • Interesting and authentic materials and teachers who are passionate about their professions
  • A possibility to complete part of courses via e-learning platform which enables the contact with authentic language materials prevailing in a particular business (for instance CMR - bills of lading from different countries for employees of logistics department, test results or autopsy results for physicians, different kinds of petitions or judgments for lawyers)
  • Conversation classes with native speakers
  • Adjusting dates and times of classes to the needs of company and individual auditors
  • During an individual meeting, the representatives of our company will answer all your questions. Simply call and arrange a meeting.
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