Technical translations provided by TRADO Translation Agency

The Trado Translation Agency deals, among other things, with technical translations for many companies. We translate texts for catalogs or descriptions of products displayed on customer websites. We often deal with materials such as technical manuals provided with various devices, sometimes very specialized, such as laboratory equipment or medical devices. Sometimes companies go further and commission us to translate the description of not one machine or set of devices, but the whole production line. This usually involves the provision of interpretation services on-site at the production plant, where foreign specialists act as trainers or consultants, and translators from the Trado agency mediate in conversations or lectures as a language support. We also prepare Polish versions of their training materials and presentations in Power Point for such consultants.

Translation of marketing texts

Despite the fact that we deal with it on an everyday basis, translation is very often underestimated. Besides agreements or user manuals, translators are very often challenged by various texts, among them texts of advertisements.  Clever slogans created by a group of experts, which entice us to buy a particular product or use a service must be translated into another language if they are going to be sold abroad. At this point, the translator enters and their task is a translation of slogans on marketing materials in a creative way. 

Translation Agency Trado

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